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menu demo How GlobalShopex International Checkout Works

  • Customer chooses the international checkout option on merchant's site and is transferred to GS's cart.
  • Customer finalizes their order and can pay with various international payment methods.
  • Merchant ships order to GlobalShopex's US export hub.
  • Contents are verified against order information and consolidated.
  • Export documentation is fixed for delivery.
  • Shipments are exported to the international customers door.
  • Customer has full visibility into order status online and via email updates.


checkout process
1. The customer selects the items they want to buy and chooses the international checkout option. 2.The customer is transferred onto the GlobalShopex International Shopping cart 3.The customer fills out their Billing and Shipping information and can pay with thier local currency. 4.The order is processed and shipped to our International Hub in Miami and sent to its final destiantion.
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