cdOI8/9ZNXw=Carrier : Carrier : LANDMARK GlobalShopex Tracking
Description EventDate Time Event
Parcel Delivered1/17/2022 8:27:00 PM
Out For Delivery1/17/2022 4:04:00 PM
Parcel Processed at Carrier Terminal1/16/2022 5:35:34 PM
Handed Over to Partner Carrier12/28/2021 7:49:00 PM
Cleared Customs12/28/2021 4:36:00 PM
Shipment Arrived within Destination Country12/22/2021 3:50:00 PM
Received in destination country12/20/2021 3:59:54 PM
Shipment Departed Origin Country12/17/2021 9:00:00 PM
Parcel Processed at Origin Hub12/14/2021 10:44:11 AM
Crossing border and in transit to carrier hub12/13/2021 12:58:28 PM
Transmitted customs information12/13/2021 12:55:11 PM
Grouped when pallet scanned to crossing (SYD DAI #10)12/13/2021 12:54:57 PM
In Transit to Destination12/10/2021 6:02:00 PM
Scanned at Landmark crossdock facility12/10/2021 3:55:03 PM
Processed12/9/2021 11:37:39 AM
Shipment departed International Hub12/7/2021 6:00:00 PM
Arrived at international hub12/6/2021 3:26:27 PM
Shipment Data Uploaded12/6/2021 2:26:58 PM
Order Processed11/21/2021 10:45:43 AM
Order Received11/20/2021 5:20:02 PM